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Life Insurance Analysis For "GENERATION X". Why It's SIMPLE

“GENERATION X,” is the middle child on the generational family tree. Sitting directly between the Baby Boomer (1946-1964) and the Millennial (1982-2004), they are incredibly underappreciated for their behavior: tech savvy, hardworking, intelligent and excessively independent. They are the last to be raised with "old school" traditions and a proud sense of responsibility for family.

The GEN X'er have moved into adulthood and, for the most part, are experiencing full-time employment; living independently; deepening relationships or marrying; and having children. It's also time to begin creating their legacy. They now carry the overwhelming weight of responsibility and those incredible feelings that come with unconditional love. With responsibility and love in mind, it's time to remove the fear of the "what if" and prepare for whatever comes next.

LIFE INSURANCE MADE SIMPLE: A life insurance policy is a way to care for loved ones in the event of your death. critical, or chronic illness. Yes, there are many different choices when buying life insurance, all of which at there core, are designed to provide in the event of a death, a financially stable life for those we love. It's really that simple.

The children of GENERATION X will expand, create, and lead our world to places never seen by the human race before. Is there anything worth protecting more important than that? Any way you slice it, it's really that SIMPLE.

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